Address Verification Failures

We are sorry to see that you are having problems on our site. This happens occasionally. Please give us a chance to help you with a quick call or message. In addition to our regular hours, our box office is open most weekend evenings for shows that are about to start. We'll gladly see what we can do for you!

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What Is Happening?

CenterTix uses an industry leader when processing your credit card. This process includes an automated address verification to ensure that the purchaser is an authorized user of the credit card. The address supplied during the sale is checked by your credit card issuer against your personal information on file with them. Your credit card issuer then creates an authorization for the charge with a note specifying whether the address matched or not. Occasionally, their automated process fails to recognize addresses — even when they match.

For your security, CenterTix will not complete an online order without a successful match. But we can bypass the automated process and contact your credit card issuer directly. To initiate this process, please call CenterTix at (907) 263-2787 during regular business hours and most weekend evenings.

What Can I Do?

You might have more success with a credit card from a different issuer. You can return to your Shopping Cart and change the credit card and address to match a different card.

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If you do not want to use a different credit card account, the error message you received indicates what information failed the automated security check.

  • Expiration Date or CSC Code errors
    Please check the information on your credit card carefully before proceeding with your purchase.
  • Zip Code errors
    Please check the billing address zip code carefully for accuracy. If the zip code was wrong, please correct it and retry the purchase. If the information was correct, please do not attempt the purchase again. Please contact CenterTix for assistance.
  • Street Address errors
    Please examine "address line 1" of the billing address for accuracy. It must contain the street address portion of your billing address. If an error is found, simply change the data and complete your purchase. However if the information is correct, please do not attempt your purchase again but instead contact CenterTix for assistance.

    If your billing address is a mail box, you might use your physical address instead.

    In some rare cases the address verification will succeed with a simple manipulation of your address layout. For instance, some customers with PO Box addresses can add a new billing address with the numbers preceding the text (e.g. 123456 PO Box). Or if your mailing address has a unit number, you might need to put this number at the beginning of your address (e.g. Apt 3, 1515 We Live Here Street). This simple change often results in an address match.

Protecting your credit card from fraud is a serious matter. Although our strict verification policy has prevented fraud, the automated process occasionally fails to recognize a match. In these cases, please contact CenterTix staff who will happily assist you with your purchase.

Pending Authorizations

Because a pending authorization is created each time you try to complete an order, we recommend limiting the number of times you attempt to complete a purchase. We do not want you to tie up your funds in pending transactions unnecessarily. Pending authorizations from unsuccessful purchases will clear automatically within several days.

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